Guests include Cajmere, dOP, Benoit & Sergio, Mathew Jonson, Craig Richards, Bill Patrick +More

After a winter of rumour and gossip Pacha can finally reveal one of its secret superstar guests for Pacha Ibiza Summer 2013. On every Wednesday Pacha Ibiza is proud to present Guy Gerber with his new underground driven concept party “Wisdom of the Glove”. Guy Gerber is one of the worlds standout “Deep Beats Underground” electronic artists. Recognised in the readers’ poll for “Electronic Live Acts of 2012” by underground digital info bible “Resident Advisor”.

GUY GERBER and PACHA IBIZA invite you into a magical world of genre-defying music and theater of the surreal for their new weekly residency: WISDOM OF THE GLOVE.

The Glove is a mystical piece of clothing, representing the limitless potential found on the dance floor – a wave from your musical ringmaster, a fist held high in excitement, a finger that beckons come hither. Camouflaging the hand allows the wearer to rise above the normality of everyday life. The Gloves Wisdom will be shared communally by your host GUY GERBER and a carefully curated group of musical guests from around the world, surrounded by amazing dancers, dadaesque costumes and avant garde performances. The universe gives untold wisdom to those who embrace its whimsy, its adventures, and its challenges.

This attitude is not for everyone, but wont you try it on for size? IT FITS LIKE A GLOVE…

Gereber’s guests include Four Tet, Chromatics, dOP, Cajmere, Matthew Dear, Benoit & Sergio and Deniz Kurtel.



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