Pacha clothing started out with the creation of basic Tees with the cherry logo stamped on them. T-shirts that became increasingly popular for the Ibiza locals and for the tourists symbolizing their good times on the island. Our collection has grown along that line and our pieces are made for enjoyable moments.

Our lifestyle and achievements along the years have shaped what we believe in today and we express this on every piece of our garments. Pacha Collections embody the most desired elements from Ibiza. The sun, a fresh Mediterranean spirit and the naturals, the sea, the sand… the sunset, the freedom, the casual, the expectation…the wicked nights, the glamour, hedonism, the music…and the dawn, the romance and the start of a brand new day. Our collections blend and materialize all these feelings. Each piece is designed with love, created in quality fabrics and worn with passion. What we are as a brand is what we express in our collections. We are family, therefore we design for men, women and kids; we represent leisure and fun, so are clothing is casual and cozy; we are authentic and we like to be classy; at the same time we are confident and believe in chic, sexy and even daring. Ibiza inspires us, we inspire you.





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