About Pacha Ibiza



The first Pacha opened in the beach town of Sitges in 1967. Six years later, in 1973 during the hippy movement, Pacha arrived in Ibiza.  Since then the brand has been constantly developing together with time, fashion and trends, and bringing new ideas, improvements and all kind of extravagances to the night scene; although always maintaining its singularity, its particular style and spirit.

Four decades after its first opening in Sitges, Pacha has successfully established in many different countries all over the world: Brazil, United States, Germany, Egypt, Portugal, Austria and soon in many other interesting places on the planet.

But Pacha is not only about nightclubs. The brand opened El Hotel Pacha in Ibiza, a complete success because it brought a new concept to the island’s hotel industry. El Hotel offers modern luxury in a relaxed Mediterranean way all year round, with a bar in the lobby that has turned to be one of the favorites and most sophisticated meeting points on the island, where artistic exhibitions, special events, pre-parties and fashion shows take place.

After this, Pacha Group continued expanding its fields and created the successful Pacha Collection & Accessories, producing all kinds of garments that express Ibiza’s free lifestyle and pure spirit, and that have turned to be some of the most desirable items on the island, also available worldwide thru www.pachacollection.com;  a bilingual magazine about what’s going on in Ibiza: Pacha Magazine; a party boat Pacha 67 that sails around the island (www.pacha67sailboat);  the exclusive experience Club, Restaurant & Cabaret Lío, and the ultimate lifestyle experience Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. 


So the “two cherries” are not just a sweet logo, they represent a hip styled, free spirited Mediterranean lifestyle as well as being constant reminders of our inimitable, glamorous and  hedonistic nights.


E-mail: info@pacha.com

VIP Bookings: vip@pacha.com

Press Inquiries: press@pacha.net

Pacha Ibiza Offices
+ (34) 971 31 36 12

Pacha Ibiza Restaurant
+ (34) 971 31 09 59

El Hotel Ibiza
+ (34) 971 31 59 63

Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort
+ (34) 971 31 74 11

Lío Club Restaurant Cabaret
+ (34) 971 31 00 22


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